PSS inc. is a gas sensor-technology based enterprise which was found in 2015 through the research results and know-hows of 30 years-chemical sensor research at KAIST. We started to produce gas sensors from 2000 thru other spin-up company.Get price

GASTRON CO., LTD. - gas detector

GASTRON CO., LTD. - Korea supplier of gas detectorGet price

South KoreaIoT in full swing: From water meters to AI

May 02, 2018 · Gochang is the first in South Korea to deploy smart water meters county-wide in one go. Deployment began last year in collaboration with Australia-based IoT firm Freestyle Technology, which...Get price

South Korea Forays into Gas Turbine Manufacturing

Aug 03, 2020 · The developments are notable steps in South Korea’s strategy to develop a homegrown gas turbine industry, and if it succeeds, the country will join the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Italy, where theGet price

Gas Sensors | Sensirion

The SGP multi-pixel gas sensor platform integrates four sensing elements − the pixels – into one small DFN package. Using Sensirion’s CMOSens ® Technology , the SGP offers a complete sensor system on a single chip featuring a digital I 2 C interface, a temperature-controlled microhotplate, as well as preprocessed and calibrated indoorGet price

Volatile organic compound gas sensors based on methylammonium

The VOC sensor based on perovskite thin film is tested in terms of film thickness, applied bias voltage, and polarity of VOC. We expect that our VOC gas sensor based on solution-processed MAPbI 3 operating at room temperature has potential to be developed as a low cost and low power smart gas sensor.Get price

Gas Sensors – TVOC, VOC, Hydrogen, Flammable | Renesas

A gas sensor (often called a gas detector) is a device used to determine the presence and amount of a specific gas or gases. At the core of any gas detection system is a sensor element. The gas sensor element is typically manufactured to detect a specific gas and convert that measurement into an electrical signal that can be interpreted by theGet price

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Experts for Smart Sensor Solutions. Sensirionsensors are used in a wide range of markets and different applications. Our high-quality environmental and flow sensors and sensor solutions improve energy efficiency and sustainability.Get price

Geomembrane Leak Detection Systems –

Sensor’s leak location systems are widely used for monitoring of hazardous or non-hazardous landfills. The first Sensor system was installed at landfill in 1990. Water reservoirs are usually monitored by Sensor’s online 24/7 systems which give immediate information of liner integrity in real time.Get price

Huggies launched smart diapers in Korea. Is the US next? - Vox

May 02, 2019 · Smart diapers have landed in Korea and Japan, and are likely coming to the US next. Getty Images/Tetra images RF This story is part of a group of stories calledGet price

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Sensirion | 14,560 followers on LinkedIn. Experts for Environmental and Flow Sensor Solutions | Sensirion is a leading manufacturer of environmental and flow sensors. Founded in 1998 andGet price

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“The advancements in the wireless sensor technology along with the installations and service that you are currently providing is very exciting to our company. It shows that the development of your product is useful and cost-effective. The engineering service and support that you provide is even a greater benefit.Get price

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Smart Sensors for Every Challenge Solve more applications, save inventory costs, and help prevent unplanned downtime with Bannersmart sensor solutions. Thanks to advancements in laser measurement technology, sensors can now reliably detect and measure more challenging targets (including clear, reflective, and low contrast targets) and canGet price

IDT Gas Sensor Gives JAEWONCNCIn-Car Air Purifier a Sense

Nov 18, 2019 · The IROAD iair is in production and shipping to consumers in South Korea, More information about the ZMOD4410 gas sensor is optical interconnect, wireless power and smart sensors are amongGet price

Gas Sensor Market Size, Share | Industry Trends and Growth by

Gas Sensor Market Outlook - 2027. The global gas sensor market size was valued at $823.1 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $1,336.2 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.4% from 2020 to 2027. A gas sensor is a device that detects the presence or concentration of gases in the atmosphere or environment.Get price

Quality Smart Electric Meter Single Phase Electric Meter

Working Voltage: AC 220V+-20% 50Hz ; RS485 Idle Voltage: DC 5V.; RS485 Load Capacity: 32 Sets Of RS485 Terminal Device (800 Meters).Get price

LUMI United Technology and LG Uplus Launch a New Smart Home

The "Smart Home Security Easy Package" is made available for LG U+current subscribers and comes with an indoor camera device, two window and door sensors, and a motion sensor.Get price

A High(er)-Definition Nose — DrexelMXene Material Could

Gogotsi’s Nanomaterials Research Group, from Drexel’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, teamed with Hee-Tae Jung, PhD, a professor at KAIST in Daejeon, South Korea to explore the gas-sensing properties of titanium carbide MXene.Get price

Cisco - Cisco

In South Korea, smart sensors reduced building costs by a third by monitoring water and electricity usage, according to Harvard Business Review. Accordingly, IoT environments need support from new computing models, such as edge computing, which processes data closer to the networkedge, where IoT and other devices reside.Get price

IO-Link Sensors Lighting for Industrial Automation

The T30R sensor is a longer-range alternative to ultrasonic sensors, and provides more reliable detection and position feedback in extreme outdoor conditions and other challenging environments. It features a shorter dead zone, better accuracy, and the ability to see a wider range of targets than traditional 24GHz radar sensors.Get price

ORVIBO Smart Home Products| Smart socket, smart hub, smart

Orvibo smart home products include smart sockets, smart hub, smart switches, smart remote control, smart ip camera, smart lock and smart sensors, offer the smart life for users.Get price

North Korea Artillery - Korea Conflict Weapons

Nov 24, 2010 · North Koreaair force may be hopelessly outclassed, but the totalitarian regime has developed alternatives capable of causing massive damage to South Korea. The South Korean capital, Seoul, liesGet price

Global Printed and Flexible Sensors Industry

Mar 11, 2020 · Table 70: Printed and Flexible Sensors Market in South Korea: Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis in US$ Million by Type for the Period 2018-2025 Table 71: South Korean Printed and FlexibleGet price

Monit’s smart diaper sensor lets parents avoid the sniff test

Apr 30, 2017 · Monit’s smart diaper sensor lets parents avoid the sniff test Catherine Shu @catherineshu / 4 years New parents are faced with many conundrums and one of the most nerve-wracking is how to checkGet price

How Seoul used the IoT to improve waste management and collection

Oct 09, 2017 · Founded in 2011, Ecube Labs has its headquarters in Seoul. The company is a manufacturer of smart and connected waste bins and solar-powered portable waste compactors. Ecube Lab’s garbage containers are equipped with sensors capable of monitoring their fill-level and bin status.Get price

Insights on the HVAC Sensors Global Market to 2027

Apr 14, 2021 · 7.7.2 Smoke Gas Sensors: HVAC Sensors Market - Revenue and Forecast to 2027 (US$ million) 7.8 Other Sensors 7.8.1 Overview 7.8.2 Others Sensors: HVAC Sensors Market - Revenue and Forecast toGet price

Soil Gas Flux Solutions | LI-COR Biosciences

These systems pair the Smart Chamber with a gas analyzer to measure a variety of gas species with gas flux, GPS, and ancillary data all provided in one file. Long-Term Systems LI-COR long-term systems run independently for months and integrate gas analysis from multiple chambers for assessment of spatial and temporal variation in soil gas fluxes.Get price

Soft, smart contact lenses with integrations of wireless

Soft, smart contact lens system using stretchable and transparent devices. Figure 1A shows the layouts on the soft, smart contact lens where the glucose sensor, wireless power transfer circuit, and display pixel are fully integrated using transparent and stretchable interconnects.Get price