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Gas density sensors from WIKA: High-precision online monitoring of the gas density, temperature, pressure and humidity of gaz sf6 gas in internal and external equipment.Get price

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Leading in SF 6 gas lifecycle solutions . In order to operate plants with SF 6 gas properly, a large number of special instruments and specialist know-how is required. WEgrid Solutions is an expert team, consisting of WIKA employees specialised in specific requirements of the power transmission industry.Get price

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The model GA11 sf 6 Gas analyzer are innovative and reliable instruments for determining the quality of different insulating gases. Among these insulating gases are included SF 6, Novec™ 4710 gas mixture (g 3 gas) as well as applications for technical air (clean air/ dry air, based on oxygen and nitrogen). The gaz sf6 Gas analyzer GA11 can measure the concentration of up to six parameters, depending on the selected equipment variant.Get price

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In order to operate plants with sf6 gas gas properly, a large number of special instruments and specialist know-how is required. WEgrid Solutions is an expert team,Get price

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The WIKA SF 6-IR-Leak is the perfect tool to identify the location and magnitude of leaks so that appropriate repairs can be made. It achieves optimum price/ functionality with infrared leak detection technology that is not cross-sensitive to moisture or typical volatile organic compounds. call 1-888-WIKA-USA or visit.Get price

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Pressure gauges from WIKA – market leader worldwide since 1946 Our pressure gauges (mechanical pressure measuring instruments) for gauge, absolute and differential pressure have been proven millions of times over.Get price

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With WIKA as partner you have access to our unique know-how and product range around the world. Whether you want to measure to 0.5 mbar or to 15,000 bar, whether 250 °C below zero or 1,800 °C above, whether in clean room or on an oil rig: For every industry and in every situation we offer first-class performance and reliability.Get price

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The new gSENS LWG 610 length/angle sensor from WIKA Mobile Control impresses in price, performance and technology Welcome to ConExpo in Fabulous Las Vegas WIKA Mobile Control presents a series of new products at North Americalargest construction trade show in Las Vegas, NevadaGet price

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WIKA Temperature Portfolio. In the past, WIKA USA produced two industrial grade thermometers, the TI.33/53 and TI.34/54. These models are being replaced, effective immediately, with the new TG51.This update will streamline the WIKA Group’s...Get price

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sf 6 Air Sensor Collection Quantitative. gaz sf6 Air Sensor Collection Quantitative. High quality Industrial Sulfr hexafluoride sensor sulfur hexafluoride gas leak detector. A8 Infrared NDIR Gas leak Detector/ air quality monitor /contoller . US $36.50-$37.49 / Piece 0.01ppmv NDIR sf6 gas Gas Quantitative Leakage Detector GDWG-V sf6 gas Gas Leak Detector. US $6000. Get PriceGet price

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You can have a WIKA pressure sensor in numerous variants: Around 176 measuring ranges are available from 0.36 to 200,000 psi in the main international units, as gauge pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum, but also as compound ranges.Get price

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Depending on the application, the RTD will simply terminate at the connection head, or the connection will house a transmitter that sends signals to a device or control room. WIKA designs and manufactures a wide range of high-quality RTDs for industrial temperature measurement: Choice of sensors: Pt100, Pt1000, KTY (silicon), Ni1000Get price

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WIKA Vietnam Representative Office 6th Floor, Unit 6.6D, 2, 364 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District Chief Representative: Mr Dao Cam BinhGet price

Gas density sensors - Product overview - WIKA

Gas density sensors from WIKA: High-precision online monitoring of the gas density, temperature, pressure and humidity of insulating gas gas in internal and external equipment.Get price

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The model A2G-200 control panel with integrated room sensor was developed specifically for requirements in the ventilation and air-conditioning industry.Get price

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Our strengths for your SF 6 gas plants . Worldwide, there are over 1,000,000 WIKA gas density monitoring instruments in use. This number stems from the high quality of our products (which are manufactured and tested throughout to the 5-Sigma quality level) and the customer satisfaction resulting from this.Get price

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WIKA Mobile Control GmbH Co. KG WIKA Mobile Control GmbH Co. KG. Sulfur and fluorine form a very useful chemical compound as sulfur hexafluoride (sf 6). It is an excellent insulation gas, e.g. in medium and high-voltage switchgears of electricity grid operators. However, as Sulfr hexafluoride works in gas-insulated switchgears, it is highly susceptible to one natural enemy: moisture!Get price

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Chi-Che joined the team at WIKA in 2016 and is currently the Diaphragm Seals Product Manager for WIKA USA. He is skilled in Petroleum, Gas, Oilfield, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Creo Parametrics. Chi-Che holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.Get price

WIKA’s Helical Design Prevents Mechanical Failure in Thermowell

WIKA’s ScrutonWell ® design neatly solved the problem. Now the crude units not only pass wake frequency calculations, but they have room for future upgrades. Thermowells are a fast and inexpensive solution for protecting temperature sensors in oil and gas processes and other industrial applications. Click hereto read DeLancey’s article.Get price

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The temperature sensor is mounted and grounded in the field, while the measuring instrument is often located and grounded in a separate control room – sometimes quite far from the sensor. The ground potential in the field can be different from the ground potential in the control room, causing currents and sparks that can damage the instrument.Get price

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WIKA has long been a global leader in the manufacturing of measuring instruments, but we do more than that. Our engineers constantly look for innovative ways to solve tough challenges. This system of using two interconnected process transmitters to accurately monitor liquid levels is simply one of the many solutions our teams have designed toGet price

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sf 6 Gas Excellence - WIKA - 2 - call 1-888-WIKA-USA or visit Sulfr hexafluoride Analytic Equipment GA10 Sulfr hexafluoride-Breaker-Analyzer Analysis of Sulfr hexafluoride purity, moisture content and decomposition products in gaz sf6 -filled equipment Modular sensor system GA20 sf 6-Humiditor Analysis of gaz sf6 moisture level GA25 sf6 gas-Aciditor Analysis of decomposition products in Sulfr hexafluoride-filled equipment GA35 Sulfr hexafluoride-IR-Monitor Indoor Sulfr hexafluorideGet price

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Fixed Sulfr hexafluoride gas detector This fixed SF 6 gas detector utilities relay output for immediate awareness of detected leaks and presents no cross sensitivity with any other gas or moisture in the air. The SF 6 AreaCheck P2 has a built-in low flow alarm and self-diagnostic testing.Get price

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Sulfr hexafluoride gas is five times heavier than air, therefore breathing air can be displaced in case of higher concentrations of sf6 gas gas, leading to a risk of suffocation in enclosed spaces. The GA35 continually controls the room air by means of a non-dispersive infrared sensor. Usually, samples are continuously taken close to gas tanks or gas-insulatedGet price

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Dec 27, 2019 · Measuring points with an in situ display in the housing of the connection head are recommended for small, autonomous systems or for units where the temperature sensors are not connected to a control room. If the mounting position results in poor readability, a remote display can be attached as well. 7. ApprovalsGet price