Software Enterprise License Agreements -

The ELA should include a number of provisions aimed specifically at software rights such as ownership, maintenance, support, transfer, upgrades, testing, and back-up systems. These provisions should provide enough flexibility to allow the state to move software from one location to another, from one computer to another, and allow its use duringGet price

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System Search

SIC Manual. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System Search. This page allows the user to search the 1987 version SIC manual by keyword, to access descriptive information for a specified 2,3,4-digit SIC, and to examine the manual structure.Get price

ALS | Laboratory testing, inspection, certification and

As one of the worldlargest and most diverse analytical testing services providers, ALS has the technical expertise capacity to handle your project. ALS offers laboratory testing services for Life Sciences (Environmental testing, Food testing, Electronics testing, Animal Health testing, Consumer Products testing), Minerals (Geochemistry testing, Metallurgy testing, Mine Site testingGet price

Lands Department - LAO Practice Notes

In accordance with the implementation of special work arrangements by the Government, the Lands Department (LandsD) today (August 7) announced that arrangements have been made for staff to work from home as far as possible to achieve social distancing more effectively with a view to reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the community.Get price

Mining exploration : ALS

ALS is the leading full-service provider of analytical geochemistry services to the global mining industry. Our integrated network of over 80 laboratories around the world ensures consistent quality and dependable client service.Get price

Maryland Department of Labor

Important COVID-19 Information for Customers. Per Executive Order by Governor Larry Hogan, the State of Maryland government is now operating at Elevated Level II, which mandates a period of telework for non-essential employees across state agencies and the closure of state office buildings to the public.Get price


Readout No. E46 - New Development for Automotive Test Systems Readout No. E45 - Application Technology in Analysis Readout No. E44 - Contribution of Diagnostics to Total Medical Care/Healthcare Readout No. E43 - Watching the Environmental and Society with MeasurementsGet price

OSHA Frequent Inspections | Konecranes USA

Through regular inspections, crane users can spot potential problems so they can perform maintenance and repairs that may preclude employee injury and costly interruptions in service. This includes hands-on instruction in performing frequent inspections of critical crane components that are subject to daily wear.Get price

HDT Vicat testing machine - (Robust and cost-efficient) SCITEQ

Test specimens are charged with a constant load and immersed in a bath, where the temperature is increased at a standard velocity. The attained heat resistance rate of plastic material is a widely required parameter for product characterization, for quality control and for evaluating the conformity to the previewed applications.Get price

Milk analysis:Hydrogen peroxide test in milk

Test type: End Point. Testing time: one test 6 minutes Are possible test sessions with several samples, up to a maximum of 16. The system is supplied pre-calibrated and ready for use. Principle of the test. H 2 O 2 + phenolic derivate Pink complexGet price

NYC Health + Hospitals

NYC Health + Hospitals is an integrated health care system of hospitals, neighborhood health centers, long-term care, nursing homes, and home care – the public safety net health care system of New York City.Get price

Laboratory Saw from SCITEQ - Most versatile, accurate and safe

Standard test method for determination of the impact resistance of plastic pipe and fittings by means of a tup (falling weight). EN 1411 Plastics piping and ducting systems - Thermoplastics pipes - Determination of resistance to external blows by the staircase method.Get price

pH determintaion with CDR CiderLab Analyzer - Cider Test

Method. Test type: End Point. Time testing: one test 1 minute – 80 Test/Hour. Are possible test sessions with several samples, up to a maximum of 16. Calibration curve. The calibration curve of CDR CiderLab for determination of pH in cider, obtained using reference methods, confirms the excellent linearity of the system over the whole testing range.Get price

Operational Policy (ADS) | U.S. Agency for International

Feb 02, 2021 · The ADS contains the organization and functions of USAID, along with the policies and procedures that guide the Agencyprograms and operations. It consists of over 200 chapters organized in six functional series: Agency Organization and Legal Affairs, Programming, Acquisition and Assistance, Human Resources, Management Services, and Budget and Finance.Get price

Consolidating CaliforniaStatewide Automated Welfare Systems

Feb 13, 2012 · Executive Summary. CaliforniaStatewide Automated Welfare System (SAWS) is made up of multiple systems which support such functions as eligibility and benefit determination, enrollment, and case maintenance at the county level for some of the statemajor health and human services programs (including Medi–Cal, California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids [CalWORKs], and CalFresh).Get price

Research and Testing Laboratories - HORIBA

RF GD OES is well known for ultra fast elemental depth profile of thin and thick films. All elements can be measured including Hydrogen (H) which is important in many application fields - for corrosion studies, for PV, in metallurgy, for the development of hydrogen storage materials and for all polymeric coatings studies to name a few.Get price

ASTM D2827 - Standard Specification for Styrene Monomer

scope: This specification covers styrene monomer. The following applies to all specified limits in this specification: for purposes of determining conformance with this specification, an observed value or a calculated value shall be rounded off "to the nearest unit" in the last right-hand digit used in expressing the specification limit, in accordance with the rounding-off method of Practice E29.Get price

Interactive and autonomous spectrum monitoring | Rohde Schwarz

Rohde Schwarz is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Test Measurement, Secure Communications, Monitoring and Network Testing, and Broadcasting equipment. Founded more than 80 years ago, the independent company has an extensive sales and service network with subsidiaries and representatives in more than 70 countries.Get price

Determination of safety for existing process equipment is

Jan 30, 2001 · After the employer makes the determination required by the standard, it will be the basis for the decision to take the equipment out-of-service or continue operations. If the equipment is to be kept in-service, the determination will be the baseline from which all future operation, inspection, testing and maintenance is conducted.Get price

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions By Country

Travelers must present a medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued within 96 hours prior to travel to be allowed to enter the country unless they have documented proof of testing positive for COVID-19 more than 15 days prior to arrival, an IgG positive test showing sufficient antibodies, or proof of full vaccinationGet price

Michigan Courts - One Court of Justice

§ Facilities Maintenance § Information Services and Technology § County Clerk § Courtroom Staff § Other: (e.g. city/county offices that would be impacted by jury traffic) Section 2. Physical Location The court has reviewed and determined the following physical specifications for on-site or off-site locations.Get price

Food quality testing with the Misa portable SERS - Metrohm

Metrohm has developed a simple, efficient, green testing solution to food safety threats. Misa (Metrohm Instant SERS Analyzer) is a portable analyzer that applies Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering to deliver results instantly, reliably, and easily.Get price

Detecting Food Adulteration with Benchtop NMR

Nov 06, 2020 · Easy maintenance and minimal cost of ownership. The significantly reduced costs, low maintenance requirements, and simplicity of benchtop NMR spectrometers are leading this technology. Their advanced electronics and methodology make them ideally suited to high-throughput quality control. Supporting Food Quality and AuthenticityGet price


9-605 Maintenance agreements 9-606—9-699 Reserved Disclaimer: This Code of Ordinances and/or any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality.Get price

ASTM D770 - Standard Specification for Isopropyl Alcohol

This test method covers the determination of total acidity as acetic acid, in concentrations below 0.05 %, in organic compounds and hydrocarbon mixtures used in paint, varnish, and lacquer solvents...Get price

2021 AP/IB Testing Information | Fairfax County Public Schools

If your child lacks adequate testing space at home, please contact your school’s AP Testing coordinator as soon as possible and no later than March 24, 2021 to discuss options for AP testing. My child selected all virtual learning for the year and is scheduled to test at school.Get price

Electrical Wire Tracers And Underground Cable Locators | Fluke

Don’t waste time blindly searching for electrical wires hidden behind walls, ceilings and floors or utilities buried underground. Depend on Amprobe, the leader in advanced tracing and locating technology, to work more efficiently.Get price

Road and Bridge Speci cations - Virginia Department of

v 2016 vdot road and bridge specifications table of contents division i—general provisions.....1 section 101—definitions of abbreviations, acronyms, and termsGet price

What is Power Factor? | How to Calculate Power Factor Formula

Mar 03, 2021 · How to make sense of power factor. Beer is active power (kW)—the useful power, or the liquid beer, is the energy that is doing work. This is the part you want. Foam is reactive power (kVAR)—the foam is wasted power or lost power.Get price

Armour Side – Textured Steel Siding

astm e330/e330m-14, standard test method for structural performance of exterior windows, doors, skylights and curtain walls by uniform static air pressure difference ASTM E330/E330M-14 Test ULC-S135-04 STANDARD TEST METHOD FOR THE DETERMINATION OF COMBUSTIBILITY PARAMETERS OF BUILDING MATERIALS USING AN OXYGEN CONSUMPTION CALORIMETER (CONEGet price